A private Maven repository is available at the following locations:

SMSLib VersionRepository location
SMSLib v3.5.x (Releases)
SMSLib v4 (Snapshots)

Pre-build files

The following pre-build files are available to download:

3rd Party Libraries
JavaComm v2 (Win32 Systems) download
JavaComm v3 (Linux/Solaris) download 
RxTx download 
RxTx, x64 ports download 
Stable Releases
SMSLib (Java - jar file) v3.5.4 download
SMSLib (.NET - dll file) v3.5.4 download
Comm2IP library (.dll) v1.0.0 download
Comm2IP Windows service v1.0.0 download
v4.x Snapshot Releases (dev-SNAPSHOT)
SMSLib / Java, single jar, no dependencies download
SMSLib / Java, single jar, with dependencies download
SMSLib / .NET Framework .dll assembly download

All available pre-built files can be viewed here. You can always download the full source code from Github.

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